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Video of the Week: “Game of Thrones” Intro… ’80s Style

This has to be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long while. Yes, some clever folks have redone the Game of Thrones introduction in the style of a 1980s’ TV show. Brilliant!

From what I gather, a YouTube user by the name of Mikolaj.Birek put the video together using some bits and bobs from other folks. Either way, whoever is responsible has done an awesome job of capturing the cheese and tone of so many ’80s shows.



17 thoughts on “Video of the Week: “Game of Thrones” Intro… ’80s Style

      • It’s very cool. Oh goodness, my exams took up time and I had like three weeks worth of posts to catch up. Thank you, lots of entertaining stuff going on here.


      • Awesome to hear! Congrats – get yourself a beer 🙂

        The actual day job-type thing has gotten in the way. Basically, some new network settings in work make WordPress a forbidden place. The bastards. Can’t really moan… seeing as I am there to do other things rather than write about films 😉 Means it’s a case of juggling this site, the mag and the mag’s site as of each evening, whilst trying to have a smidge of a social life. Oh, and then there’s the World Cup, which is dominating my life.


      • LOL!

        Oh, those pesky things! That’s a lot to juggle at night, as well as find a way to be human and look normal. The World Cup is not helping (it really takes over) 😛 Hope it’s been good for you so far!


      • A tad. I’m a huge football fan, so I’ve been getting withdrawal symptoms when games haven’t been on. Luckily there’s two games today, then same again tomorrow. Loving it so far as I’m a big Dutch fan 🙂


      • As long as you are enjoying it. I see that they are through to the semi finals. I would love to see a game with them and Germany… that would be awesome.


      • Massively enjoying it. Yeah, the Dutch managed to squeak through. I was having kittens and the air was turning blue, but that’s half the fun of football. Got the Argentines in the semis, then it’ll likely the Germany in the final 🙂


      • It’s quite cool. My best friend? She’s like… a soccer hooligan, it’s insane. She’s so in this world cup fever thing that I don’t need to be watching to know what’s been going on. 😛


      • I think that has massively divided her, she has been supporting both. Ultimately she might have to pick just one, hahaha!

        Ah LOVE it! Feeling the fever!


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