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Kevin Smith Debuts First “Tusk” Poster

Ol’ Kev Smith has dropped the first poster for his upcoming walrus horror Tusk.


Tusk centres on the relationship between a man and a sea beast. Michael Parks plays a guy that was once lost at sea and became bestest buds with a walrus, so much so that upon being rescued his life had a big gap to fill. Returning to land, Parks character puts out an advert for somebody to come and live with rent-free. The only catch? This particularly tenant has to dress up and act like a walrus at certain times of the day. Justin Long plays a podcaster who is tasked with interviewing the strange old seadog. Things all then take a turn for the sinister. The movie also features Genesis Rodriguez and Haley Joel Osment.

A24 are handling distribution of Tusk, with it expected to be released later this year.



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