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Audio: The Week in Film #19 – Is Batman V Superman Too Stacked?


This week’s edition of The Week in Film aired over on Calon FM earlier today. If you happened to have missed the show (or just want another go at it), you can listen to it below.


Chatter Regarding: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 to tie-in as a Hulk movie and to The Avengers 3Ant-Man expands its cast, Batman V Superman adding four new villains, The Expendables 3 to be PG-13, Mission: Impossible 5 circles new cast members, Mark Wahlberg to play The Six Million Dollar ManStar Wars: Episode VII adds two unknowns, details on Miles Davis biopic emerge, Kevin Smith reveals his newest movie, release date confirmed for The Conjuring spin-off, UK box office report, upcoming cinema releases, upcoming home releases and much, much more.

Songs From: Bob Marley (Marley), Simon & Garfunkel (The Graduate), Blind Melon (Private Parts), Eddie and the Hotrods (The Invention of Lying), Zamfir (Kill Bill: Vol 1), The Stone Roses (Made of Stone), and The Cranberries (Blackrock).



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