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Video of the Week: Brodie Bruce – The Best Bits

Arguably my second favourite film of all time is Kevin Smith’s Mallrats. Now it is a film that got very little love on its release, especially coming in the wake of the success of Smith’s Clerks. Me, I’m a ‘dick and fart jokes’ kinda guy, and loved the movie, in particular Jason Lee’s Brodie Bruce. This video highlights the majority of Brodie’s best lines from the film; lines that I’ve quoted a million times.

That’s brought a smile to my face on this gloomy Sunday. If you’ve not seen Mallrats, I cannot recommend it enough. Yes, it’s full of toilet humour, comic book references, and some typical Kev Smith-type characters… but that’s the charm of it! That’s the stuff that I love watching, and, in Brodie, Smith gave me a character that is truly one of my favourites of any movie. Even more impressive is the fact that Brodie was Jason Lee’s first ever film role, having been a pro skater until that point. ‘Rats is a quite possibly the film that I have watched more than any other. During my university days, I’d watch the film every single day, playing in the background while I was supposedly doing work. That was back in the VHS days. Then came the upgrade to DVD and then to Blu-ray, plus the purchase of a couple of Brodie tees and grabbing me a copy of the soundtrack signed by Smith. So yeah, you could say I rather like the flick 🙂



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