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DVD Review: America’s Alien Invasion – The Lost UFO Encounters

America's Alien Invastion The Lost UFO Encounters

Review: America’s Alien Invasion – The Lost UFO Encounters / Cert: U / Director: J. Michael Long / Starring: Stan Gordon, David Twitchwll, William Konkolesky / Release Date: TBC

We love a good conspiracy theory at STARBURST, and this documentary claims that the White House was actually privy to a UFO invasion in both 1952 and 1963, deciding to keep schtum about the whole thing. A government? Covering things up? Surely not.

Now if you have any fleeting interest in the whole UFO thing, chances are you’ve heard all of what’s on show in America’s Alien Invasion before. The features looks at ‘incidents’ as far back as the days of World War II and even talks about how the alien influence can be seen in pyramids and temples dotted around the globe, not to mention cave paintings from the days when dinobot dinosaurs roamed the earth. We even get input from the Vatican on the matter. Yes, the organisation that struggles so much to believe in the likes of gay marriage actually has some quarters that believe that little green men have visited our humble planet. Similarly, we also get the outlook of demonologists on the UFO phenomenon.

America’s Alien Invasion ticks all of the usual boxes for such a feature, including the always-fun topics of abductions, probes and experiments, and then there’s the ever-familiar bug-eyed alien images that have become as synonymous with the field as Elliott has with E.T…

For the full review, head on over to Starburst Magazine.



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