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Blu-ray Review: Enemies Closer

Enemies Closer Jean-Claude Van DammeEnemies Closer (15)

Director Peter Hyams

Screenplay: Eric Bromberg, James Bromberg

Starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Tom Everett Scott, Orlando Jones, Linzey Cocker

Released: 21st July

This latest straight-to-home-release JCVD-starrer is a fun, if predictable, actioner that sees the Mussels from Brussels teaming up once more with director Hyams (Timecop, Sudden Death). Early on, we’re introduced to Henry (Scott), a former Navy SEAL turned Forest Ranger who seeks isolation in a forest located on the US/Canadian border. What Henry doesn’t realise is that Clay (Jones) is set to turn up at his door with revenge on his mind for his brother’s death; a brother who died on duty whilst under the leadership of Henry back in the day. With the two at odds, they must work together to fight the crazed menace of Xander (Van Damme), a French-Canadian vegan who happens to be heading up a drug cartel in search of some lost cargo that went down near to the peaceful, idyllic forest. Yes, after his scene-stealing turn in The Expendables 2, JCVD is one again playing the bad guy.

Enemies Closer may be a film that is firmly aimed at fans of ’80s action movies, but from the opening moments of JCVD taking down a group of guys by simply using various computer accessories (all that’s missing is a USB drive shoved up someone’s arse), you can’t help but be drawn in by Hyams movie. Make no mistake, it’s riddled with cheesy dialogue, some massively over-the-top brawls, and one-liners that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr Freeze proud (“Put the kayak down”; “You make one wrong move, you’re gonna have a new asshole”).

For the full review, head over to Starburst Magazine.



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