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Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Role…

Dwayne Johnson Shazam

For what seems the longest time now, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been rumoured to be playing various DC characters on the big screen. The speculation has ranged from John Stewart to Captain Marvel (shown above) to Black Adam to Lobo, just to name a few names. Now speaking to Total Film, Johnson confirmed that he’s definitely signed on for a DC role.

The Great One revealed, “I will say this. There’s a character out there that we’re going to announce very soon that I’m going to play, and I’ll just say this: this character has the power of Superman, he can throw down. Just say the word. That’s all I’m going to say.”

Throw down with Superman? Say the words, as in Shazam!?To me, that screams Captain Marvel, possibly Black Adam. Regardless of who it is, we at least now know that Johnson will be playing somebody in the DC cinematic world. With a Shazam movie seemingly set for a July, 2016 release, it would make sense that an announcement for such a film would place shortly. And with San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner… well, all of the stars are aligning. Personally, I think I’d rather see Johnson as Black Adam rather the Shazam.

Expect more on this as it develops.



2 thoughts on “Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Movie Role…

    • Totally agree. Black Adam, yes. He’s not clean-cut enough for Shazam. I’m a Rock guy but he’d be a far better Black Adam or Lobo than Shazam. His choice of words look like it’s Shazam though


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