The Best of the Rest

A Bumbled Update…



Right, after drumming up a ridiculously-cool amount of daily visitor for this little site, I ended up not posting much for a few weeks/months a little while back due to some health issues. Fear not, for the last month or so has seen me back to posting several times a day. Which is why I thought I’d pre-empt a few days of silence. Today has been stupidly busy with the actual day job, followed by an interview with Peter Hyams (director of TimecopSudden Death and Enemies Closer, don’t you know). Tomorrow is full of the actual day job then radio show then chatting with Alexandre Aja (ridiculously excited? Yes I am). Thursday is the actual (monotonous as fuck) day job followed by a gig watching the fantastic Shed 7 (yay for the Sheds). Friday will mostly be spent a tad hungover then transcribing the two previous interviews and hopefully chatting with Robert Englund and/or Marc Webb. Soooooooooooooooooooo, yeah, there may not be a post for a few days. I’ve seen a few stories out there (deets on Arrow‘s Season 3 villain (surely Malcolm Merlyn, no?), Marvel planning new franchises and sequels, etc), but I’ll post those on Friday if they’re still relevant.

So yeah, don’t fear, I won’t be vanishing for a month or two as I did previously. I’m still here, still keeping an eye, just got a super busy few days. And then there’s the Arrow Season 3 preview that’s taking over my weekend…

Have fun, kids 🙂


P.S. Hopefully you at least enjoyed the picture in this post – it at least gives me a giggle every time I see it.



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