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DVD Review: The Bunnyman Massacre


DVD Review: The Bunnyman Massacre / Cert: 18 / Director: Carl Lindbergh / Screenplay: Carl Lindbergh / Starring: David Scott, Joshua Lang, Julianne Dowler, Marshall Hilton / Released: Out Now

In case you weren’t aware, this is a sequel to 2011’s Bunnyman, also from Lindbergh. Based on the legend/urban myth of the Bunnyman – a man in a bunny suit that apparently scared the piss out of people several decades ago – the best way to describe the titular character (Lang) is as Leatherface in an Easter Bunny outfit. Whereas Michael Myers has Haddonfield, Jason Voorhees has Camp Crystal Lake, and Freddy Krueger has Elm Street, the Bunnyman is housed in a ghost town in the deep south of the USA. For any poor soul who that comes across his or brother Joe’s (Scott) path, things don’t end well.

Linbergh’s mission for this film was to take on the concerns from the first movie (let’s just say it didn’t fare well with critics or genre fans) and right those wrongs second time out. Thing is, there are just so many flaws. Firstly, the continuity goes down a wayward path from the opening gambit, and then the film is simply riddled with clichés, bad dialogue and largely hokey acting. That’s all well and good for certain films, but The Bunnyman Massacre portrays itself as a serious horror film. Even more worryingly, the biggest concern is the hopping mad killer at the centre of this (rabbit’s) tale.

For the full review, head over to Starburst Magazine.



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