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Roy Harper to Become Arsenal in Season 3 of “Arrow”

Roy Harper is a comic book character that has had his fair share of trauma, not to mention aliases. Speedy, Red Arrow, and Arsenal are just a few of the monikers that have adorned Oliver Queen’s right-hand man. Ever since Colton Haynes and his immaculately-groomed eyebrows picked up the role in The CW’s Arrow, many have been wondering what will eventually happen to the TV version of Roy, and just whether he’ll end up taking on a different mantle. To remove any doubt, The CW, via EW, has revealed a firs look at Season 3’s Roy, fully donned in the Arsenal getup.

Arrow Roy Harper Arsenal

Given how the end of Arrow‘s Season 2 went down, with Roy getting a mask, something like this was always likely to happen. In the comic books, he first becomes Speedy (the nickname given to Thea Queen in Arrow), then becomes Arsenal, then becomes Red Arrow. He also happens to be a heroin addict and loses one of his arms. Standard comic book stuff, really.

Arrow returns to The CW on 8th October, one day after The Flash debuts.



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