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Video: Trailer for Kevin Smith’s “Tusk”

I’m a big Kevin Smith guy, I make no bones about it. I’m also a big horror guy, again no bones made. So, Kevin Smith and horror is always great in my eyes, especially after Smith dipped his toes into the murky world of horror with the brilliant Red State. Now comes the first trailer for his walrus-heavy horror, Tusk.

Tusk centres on the relationship between a man and a sea beast. Michael Parks plays a guy that was once lost at sea and becamebestest buds with a walrus, so much so that upon being rescued his life had a big gap to fill. Returning to land, Parks character puts out an advert for somebody to come and live with rent-free. The only catch? This particularly tenant has to dress up and act like a walrus at certain times of the day. Justin Long plays a podcaster who is tasked with interviewing the strange old seadog. Things all then take a turn for the sinister. The movie also features Genesis Rodriguez and Haley Joel Osment.

A24 are handling distribution of Tusk, with a selected cinematic run starting on 19th September. The flick will then be widely available on VOD and home release.



5 thoughts on “Video: Trailer for Kevin Smith’s “Tusk”

  1. I have yet to see a Kevin Smith film, but I have seen a bunch of interviews with him where he talks about his work and films. I liked the look of this film, until it got to the whole ‘I am going to turn you into a walrus’ part. I don’t do well with horror in general, and I think it has a slight ‘human centipede’ feel to it :/ perhaps I should start with one of his other films that isn’t a horror. Any recommendations? Great post btw.


    • Yes, I totally thought there was a sinister Centipede-type vibe going on. But don’t worry in terms of other Kevin Smith movies. His last film, Red State, isn’t an out and out horror – it’s about an extremist cult in the US.

      In terms of recommendations, Clerks, his first film, is always a good starting point. Funny, satirical, and with heart. Personally, my favourite is his second film, Mallrats, although that’s full of ‘dick and fart’ humour and comic references (as are most of his films). Next to Clerks, Chasing Amy is the film that gets the most love from critics. A very good film. I’m a huge fan and love each and every film in their own way, and all have plenty of humour in, even Red State has splashes of it. If you’re avoiding any sort of humour, any of his films bar Red State are fine for viewing (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Jersey Girl, Clerks II, Zack & Miri Make a Porn, Cop Out). I’d say just start from the beginning, start with Clerks, and see if you like his style. Keep in mind, though, there was no ‘proper’ actors as such in Clerks and it was made for something like $25,000 and was his first film – so it’s not what you’d expect in terms of quality and look from a regular Hollywood film.


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