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Ra’s al Ghul Confirmed as Season 3 ‘Big Bad’ in “Arrow”

Now earlier this weekend came the first trailer for Arrow‘s Season 3. It was mighty cool, but we were still left in the lurch in terms of who will be the ‘big bad’ of the season. Fear not, for an extended version of that trailer dropped, confirming that none other than The Demon’s Head, Ra’s al Ghul will be appearing to rule over Season 3.

Man, that’s all kinds of cool. With Canary and Malcolm Merlyn both returning in Season 3 and both having ties to The League of Assassins, it’ll be interesting to see what role Ra’s plays throughout the season. Then there’s also the question of whether daughter Nyssa al Ghul will also return at some point.

Additionally, writer Marc Guggenheim also confirmed that Ted Grant, aka Wildcat, will be appearing in the season. No news is known on the character’s Arrow role just yet, although it’s said that he’ll have ties to Laurel Lance.

Arrow returns to The CW on 8th October.



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