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Video: Awesome Test Footage from Proposed Deadpool Movie

Remember how for years there’s been stories of some stunning test footage for the never-materialised Deadpool solo movie? Well that footage has finally appeared online… and it’s all kinds of awesome!

How super cool was that?!?!

The test footage was shot with Ryan Reynolds providing motion capture and vocals for Deadpool, then CGI was used to do a mock-up of what the film may look like. If the film was to happen, it would’ve been live-action, it was just thought that CGI was a better bet to do the test stuff with. Here’s a shot of Reynolds all dotted-up and ready to perform.

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

In terms of the project, there’s apparently been a script for a Reynolds-starring Deadpool for a few years now, and Reynolds has often talked about how it’s still a possibility, with the film intended to be an adult-orientated movie, with lots of violence, gore, and colourful language.

For now, at least, we can only think of what may have been. Fingers crossed that this long-discussed movie happens at some point, with the current cinematic rights for the Deadpool character over at 20th Century Fox.



3 thoughts on “Video: Awesome Test Footage from Proposed Deadpool Movie

    • The character’s cinematic rights are part of Fox’s X-Men deal… so as long as you keep seeing the current spate of X-movies, cinematic Deadpool belongs to Fox.

      In fairness, I don’t care who the rights belong to if something like what’s shown in the footage can come off.


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