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“Arrow” Adds Another DC Name

David Cubitt Manhunter The latest in a long line, The Hollywood Reporter has word that DC’s Manhunter is the newest name to join Season 3 of The CW’s Arrow. Now don’t go getting the character confused Martian Manhunter. Totally different. Totally. David Cubitt, best known for Medium, has been cast as Mark Shaw, aka Manhunter, and will debut in episode three of this upcoming season. It’s said that Shaw will be an agent of A.R.G.U.S. based in Corto Maltese and butting heads with David Ramsey’s John Diggle. As for Manhunter, there’s been many versions of the character of the years, not to mention the entire race of Manhunters that preluding the Green Lantern Corps. Shaw is somebody who became Manhunter after becoming disheartened with the US judicial system and how easy it was for criminals to manipulate the law. Becoming the aggressive Manhunter, he would even run up against various DC heroes, particular Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern, and eventually become the hero Privateer. That was only a ruse, though, for it was shortly revealed that he was still partaking in rogue shenanigans under the alias of Star-Tsar. Arrow returns to The CW on 8th October.


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