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Blu-ray Review: The Last Showing


The Last Showing (15) / Director: Phil Hawkins / Screenplay: Phil Hawkins / Starring: Robert Englund, Finn Jones, Emily Berrington, Malachi Kirby / Released: 25th August

This low-budget, slow-burning horror has a very simple premise. Opening things up, we get introduced to Martin (Jones) and Allie (Berrington), a young couple who are out on a ‘date night.’ After taking in some cocktails, the pair visit their local cinema for a late night showing of The Hills Have Eyes 2. In said cinema, we find Stuart (Englund). With the young Clive (Kirby) as his manager, Stuart is old school in his approach to film. Dedicated to giving a piece of film the respect and attention it deserves, Stuart finds it hard to stomach how careless and unconcerned people seem to be about the small details that matter. Driven to his wits’ end by his employment and its environment, Stuart snaps and decides to make his own twisted movie.

As The Last Showing progresses, it becomes clear that Englund’s besmirched former projectionist has concocted a master plan. Pulling strings from afar, he is the writer, director, editor, and audience of the movie that he is filming using various cameras across the cinema complex. Utilising the tools at his disposal, like the screens dotted around the site and the power to control the audio in the building, not to mention the controls to the electronic shutters that confine the cinema to isolation in the midst of a retail shopping park, Stuart manipulates his cast, Martin, Allie, and Clive, in order to give himself the movie experience that he has been craving.

For the full review of this charismatic chiller, head over to Starburst Magazine.



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