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Audio: The Week in Film #23 – Marvel’s Guardians Stun; Sony’s Spider-Verse in the Shitter?


This week’s edition of The Week in Film aired yesterday on Calon FM. If you happened to have missed the show (or just want another go at it), you can listen to it below.


This week brings…

Chatter Regarding: Third Ghosbusters movie to focus on an all-female team, Billy Murray joins Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book, Tony Jaa and Scott Adkins join Kickboxer remake, the Arnold-starring The Legend of Conan moves forward, Jamie Foxx to play Mike Tyson, all-female The Expendabelles to shoot next year, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is back on and adding cast members, the latest The Mummy redo close to getting a director, a long look at Sony’s Spider-Man world falling apart, the sad passing of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre‘s Marilyn Burns, Guardians of the Galaxy gets some love, UK box office report, upcoming cinema releases, upcoming home releases and much, much more.

Songs From: The Wannadies (Romeo & Juliet), The Stranglers (Snatch), Bachman Turner Overdrive (Halloween), Carly Simon (The Spy Who Loved Me), Joe Esposito (The King of Kong), Marvin Gaye (Chef), and Rupert Holmes (Guardians of the Galaxy).



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