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Del Toro’s “Justice League Dark” to Link to NBC’s “Constantine”?


With Guillermo del Toro still working on his long-planned Justice League Dark, the writer/director has now teased that the film could actually tie to NBC’s Constantine.

Asked by IGN whether his movie could have any links to Matt Ryan’s small-screen John Constantine, del Toro said, “To me, film was… without a doubt to develop the movie, because I get to have fun. I would love to have the Spectre in it. He’s one of the most beyond moral characters in [the DC Universe] and he does crazy things. Like they’re doing with that Constantine. The only thing I may have cleared to them is that the TV series won’t affect my movie. They said that’s ok. They said you can have independence. Now when we see the series, if we could mesh with it and keep the same actor, depending on how the movie was going, I would be happy to consider that.”

Given how it’s been confirmed several times that the likes of ArrowThe Flash and Gotham won’t have any ties to the greater DC cinematic universe, it’ll be interesting to see how this develops for Constantine.

Regardless of any ties to the DCCU, Constantine is set to debut on NBC on 24th October.



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