The Top 10 Shark Movies… That Aren’t Jaws

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been putting together a feature for the always-awesome Starburst Magazine; one that ties in nicely with the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Given how Jaws is seen as the hands-down daddy of the shark movie subgenre, I thought it’d be different to look at some of the other shark films out there, to give them their moment in the spotlights. Here’s the intro blurb and the first entry, and you can head over to Starburst Magazine for the full list.



As this week has seen the Discovery Channel’s SHARK WEEK get under way once more, we here at Starburst are fonder than most of the films and features that highlight one of the planet’s apex predators. And so with that, we’ve taken a moment to look at the best shark movies out there. Well, we say the best movies out there but there is a twist, for this is Starburst’s look at THE TOP 10 SHARK MOVIES… THAT AREN’T JAWS.

There is no doubt that Steven Spielberg’s JAWS is hands down the best shark movie of all time – hell, it often goes down as one of the best movies of all time, period – so we thought we’d take away the obvious choice and give some time in the spotlight to the other shark flicks out there. Whilst we’re fully aware of some of the truly awful shark movies out there – most of which seem to involve Brooke Hogan, brother – we’re doing our best to look at this always-interesting subgenre with our light-hearted glasses on, as we delve into the murky depths of, in some cases, straight-to-video hell in order to bring to you THE TOP 10 SHARK MOVIES… THAT AREN’T JAWS.



Whilst Spielberg’s 1975 JAWS is exempt from this list, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the series isn’t fair game. This 1987 effort from director Joseph Sargent was the final nail in the already-sinking coffin of the JAWS franchise, with the action moving to more tropical climates than just Amity Island.

Plot-wise, we pick up with the now-widowed Ellen Brody (the returning Lorraine Gary) and sons Michael (Lance Guest) and Sean (Mitchell Anderson). When Sean is killed by a great white, Ellen is convinced to go and stay with Michael in The Bahamas. Once in the sun-drenched land, it becomes apparent that a shark with a grudge is hunting down the Brody clan, forcing Ellen to face the monster once and for all. Dun, dun, dun, dun!

Hokey, ridiculous, illogical, this fourth JAWS movie just about scrapes into the list for the fact of it being a massive guilty pleasure of certain of us here at Starburst HQ. Ellen Brody quoting and flashing back to her husband’s fight with the shark of the first movie? The shark growling and devouring an airplane? Michael Caine falling in the ocean yet still managing to have a pristine, immaculately-dry suit? Mario Van Peebles’ awful accent? Yes, despite all of these problems, if we happen upon JAWS: THE REVENGE on TV late one night, we can’t help but give it one more chance.

For the complete list of the best shark films out there that aren’t Spielberg’s classic, head on over to Starburst Magazine.



2 thoughts on “The Top 10 Shark Movies… That Aren’t Jaws

  1. Great to see The Reef atop your list sir. I absolutely love that film, although being an Aussie I find it particularly terrifying. I also really like Jaws 2 and don’t mind Bait either.


    • Yeah, not sure I could cope with living in Aus – too many things that could seriously fuck you up!

      I’m a big Jaws 2 fan and feel that it gets massively underlooked by some. Bait, despite what initially sounded like a bonkers premise, was massively enjoyable.


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