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Two “Aquaman” Scripts Being Worked On

Jason Momoa Aquaman

Now an Aquaman appearance, let alone an Aquaman movie, has yet to be confirmed in any capacity by Warner Brothers and DC (it is happening, trust me on this one, and it will be Jason Momoa), but a story is coming out from The Hollywood Reporter that says that two scripts are currently being worked on for Aquaman.

The report claims that Gangster Squad‘s Will Beall is working on one script for the movie, whilst 300: Rise of an Empire‘s Kurt Johnstad is working on an alternative story. It’s said that these two scripts are being developed separately, with WB then set to make a decision on which story to go with or to possibly even combine elements of the two.

No release date has been yet for Aquaman, the film hasn’t even been “confirmed” at this stage, but WB has recently announced NINE release dates for unknown DC films.



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