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Audio: The Week in Film #26 – The ‘Other’ Jungle Book Adds Big Names


The latest edition of The Week in Film aired on Friday over at Calon FM. If you happened to have missed the show (or just want another go at it), you can listen to it below.

Chatter Regarding: The ‘other’ Jungle Book adds some A-listers to its cast, next Bond movie after an iconic henchman, Jennifer Lawrence in talks for Quentin Tarantino’s next movie, Ridley Scott updates on Blade Runner 2 and Prometheus 2, Harry Potter spin-off/prequel thingy in talks with a director, Hawkeye rumoured to feature heavily in Captain America 3, new frontrunner to play Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Dead Rising adaptation gets a director, Matthew McConaughey set for The Stand, the sad passing of Richard Attenborough, UK box office report, upcoming cinema releases, upcoming home releases and much, much more.

Songs From: Pam Grier (The Big Doll House), Duran Duran (A View to a Kill), Ian Brown (Octane), The Byrds (Forrest Gump), Iggy Pop (The Crow: City of Angels), Suede (The World’s End), and Run DMC (Dogma).


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