The Best of the Rest

Finally… An Update!


Yeesh, been a while, right?

I’ve been meaning to pen this post for literally a month or more now. Of course, the last post on this very was way, way back in, I think, early September. So where have I been and why am I posting now, I hear the few of you that are still around ask.

First up, there’s been a bit of a change in my situation lately. Those of you who are familiar with the site and my work will know that one of the pies that I have my fingers in goes by the name of Starburst Magazine. After a fair while of writing news pieces, features, conducting interviews, and assisting with the Starburst website, that has become a bigger gig for me. As in as well as providing content, I’ve now got the shiny new title of Online Editor over at Starburst. Awesome news, if I do say so myself, and definitely something that I’ve been working hard at for the last few years. Finally I’ll be getting paid to do this thing that I enjoy doing so much.

To quote a wiser man than me, “With great power comes great responsibility.” By that, I mean that obviously the greater responsibility and workload that comes with it has resulted in me having less time to post things on my own fair website. Fear not, for I post news stories (the very same sort that you’d previously see here) regularly throughout the day at the Starburst website, as well as plenty of others contributing plenty of other tasty morsels for you to get your teeth into.

As for the future of, I had thought about just giving it a final “thanks for the memories – it’s been awesome” type of post. But then I had an e-mail come through to say that my domain name registration and the cost of running the site was up for renewal. What better time to pull the plug, right? Well no, for I paid a few of my British coins to extend the website for another year at least. With that said, I do hope to get round to posting more regularly on this little site once more, even if it’s just one or two posts each week that cover topics that wouldn’t really be appropriate to cover on other sites that I post on. So yeah, you’ve not seen the last of me just yet. Additionally, I’ll be bringing back the weekly radio show that I do. That show has still been going on, just I’ve not had chance to upload it for use on the site. That’s something that I’ll be looking to bring back for MyNerfHerder.

So yeah, I thought I’d break the apparent radio silence that I’ve been suffering from in terms of the site. In the meantime, be sure to visit Starburst Magazine to see my regular ramblings.

In case you need any persuasion that Starburst is for you, here’s a couple of articles that I’ve thrown up over the weekend:

Details Emerge on Luke Skywalker’s Star Wars: Episode VII Role

Jared Leto Eyed to Play The Joker in Suicide Squad

Full Casting and Plot Revealed for Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight

Interview with American Mary and The ABCs of Death 2‘s Tristan Risk


Right, there you go. Consider yourself fully in the picture. And it goes without saying, thanks for listening to my ramblings for so long 🙂



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