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First Look at “Arrow’s” New Canary; Details on “Arrow”/”Flash” Crossover; Details on New FF’s Doctor Doom; Auny May Solo Film?

Toby Kebbell Doctor Doom

A post of two sides here. Firstly, some awesome news on Arrow and The Flash, then some horrendous news on the Fantastic Four redo and on a possible Aunt May solo film. Yep, that Aunt May. Urgh.

  • With Sara Lance now dead, The CW reveals a look at their new Canary – read more…
  • With Arrow and The Flash set to crossover in a few weeks’ time, The CW have released the synopsis for the vent. Turns out the Emerald Archer and the Scarlet Speedster will be butting heads – read more…
  • Toby Kebbell reveals that Fantastic Four‘s Doctor Doom won’t be Victor Von Doom and will be an “anti-social programmer” – read more…
  • Ridiculously, Sony are supposedly lining up Aunt May for her own solo movie – read more…

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