Audio: Wales Comic Con Recap – Interviews with Lance Storm, Neil Edwards, Mason Ryan, Anthony Head, Peter Davison, Shane Ritchie & More


This Sunday I was at Wales Comic Con. Having been for a few years as a fan, this time I was luckily enough to attend as a member of the press. Pretty cool, right? Especially as it gave me the chance to chat with one of my favourite all-time wrestlers, Lance Storm.

Using the platform of the ever-brilliant Calon FM (they’re also home to a certain awesome film show that you should clearly, obviously check out…), I was able to grab some words with wrestling legend Lance Storm, long-time Marvel and DC comic book artists Neil Edwards, professional wrestling Barri Griffiths (formerly Mason Ryan in the WWE), Doctor Who‘s Fifth Doctor Peter Davison, EastEnders‘ Shane Ritchie & Jessie Wallace, Buffy‘s Anthony Head, Comic Con organiser Jamie, Ian of the North Wales Owl Rescue, and even Chewbacca!

It was certainly a great day, and hopefully that comes through in the radio show.


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