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First Picture of Ben Affleck as Batman

Right, you may have noticed lately that I’m maybe not posting so much. It sucks. Trust me, it really, really sucks. It’s down to a couple of things, which hopefully will get sorted out over the next few months. I genuinely feel guilt for not keeping this site up to the stand that you and I expect in terms of content and its regularity. But that said, despite it being 0:54am as I’m starting to type this, how can I ignore this story. Yes, this is the first image of Ben Affleck as Batman, complete with a very Grant Morrison-inspired Batmobile.

batmanbatmobilesmall batmanbatmobilelightsmallPretty stunning, no? As someone that’s been on the Affleck train for many a year, I feel a little bit justified in my faith. Fantastic!

As for Batman vs Superman or whatever it’s called, that’s currently set for a 6th May, 2016 release.

And trust me, I really am sorry that the standards and frequency are lacking lately. In fairness, it’s a bag of shit. Hopefully I can get back to a stage where I can post as frequently once more as it was once before. Anyways, fuck that, it’s mother flippin’ Batfleck, yo!



3 thoughts on “First Picture of Ben Affleck as Batman

  1. You live! How have you been? So far I am liking the pictures, though he may look cool, will he BE cool on screen? He isn’t a bad actor, just really hoping he can pull this all together.

    You been to the docs again or what?


    • I am indeed alive! Been busy, busy, busy. Health has been ropey, the mag stuff has been really busy, and my “daytime” PC has been having issues getting on to the site. Still alive, though 🙂

      Massively digging the Batfleck. He’s going to kick all kinds of ass.


      • Wow, sounds like a whole array of things are cracking there!

        I hope so, I really, really do. Being optimistic about it anyhow hahaha.


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